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Friday June 14th 2024
Iīve never been to a spa before - what should I expect?
Matisse Day Spa is a relaxing, boutique day spa in which you can escape for a moment or a day.  You should expect to be pampered, listened to and educated by your spa professional in order to help you achieve realistic results.  This will include product recommendations for at-home care to extend your spa experience and continue effective self-care.  

At Matisse Day Spa, we have a unique treatment throne for pedicure services.  This means that you may be experiencing your service in a social atmosphere with as many as three other clients in the pedicure room.  It is a fun experience and many of our clients enjoy this opportunity to engage with others and visit with friends and family.  

If you prefer to have your treatment alone, please request this when you book your appointment.  

How much talking will I have to do when I have my service?
Aside from communicating your comfort-level during your service, you may engage with your spa professional and/or others at the Spa as little or as much as you wish.  We will take our cue from you and if at any time you wish for more or less conversation, just give us the word and your wish is our command!  
What do I wear when I come to the Spa?
We recommend you wear comfortable clothing for your spa experience.  Things to consider, depend on the service you are having.  For example, if you are having a pedicure, consider that you will be on a raised throne for your service, so you may not choose to wear a short skirt.  You will also want to bring or wear open-toed shoes so that you do not smudge or ruin your polish.  
Do I have to undress when I have my services?
If you are having a facial, you will be provided with a facial robe to wear for the duration of the service.  You will be covered by sheets and in a bed throughout your facial.  It is not necessary to remove undergarments, if you so choose.

If you are having a massage, your Spa professional will need access to various parts of your body.  You may undress to your comfort level - as much or as little as you wish.  You will be professionally-draped at all times and only the body part currently being worked on will be exposed.  

For bikini waxing, you will be given a pair of disposable underwear to wear for your service.  These are provided in order to prevent any wax from inadvertently landing on your undergarments.  You may also wish to wear a robe for other waxing services, as appropriate.  Your modesty will be respected at all times.

Please communicate with your Spa professional throughout your service if you experience any discomfort or concern.
Where do I park?
Matisse Day Spa is located in historic Downtown Duncan and is surrounded by many streets which allow parking up to a three-hour maximum.  If you will be at the Spa longer than three-hours, we recommend parking by the train station located on Canada Avenue, one block away from the Spa.  Parking is $1.00 for each 24-hour period.

There is limited parking right in front of the Spa, in City Square.  However, please note, if you are coming to the Spa on a Saturday, the Market in the Square takes place from 9:00am to 3:00pm most Saturdays throughout the year and the Square is closed to cars at that time.  Please plan accordingly.

I am pregnant - can I still have Spa services?
Absolutely!  You will find that you may have almost any service on the Spa menu while you are pregnant.  In fact, there are some services especially, and only, for the pregnant woman (the pregnancy massage)!

A thorough health questionnaire is required prior to the delivery of any spa service in order to ensure there are no contraindications to any portion of the service or the products used therein.

Your Spa professional has been trained to deliver your services safely.  With this in mind, essential oils are avoided as are points of stimulation which are known to relate to the uterus.

Matisse Day Spa uses Zoya polish which is toluene and formaldehyde-free - safe for pregnant women, children and animals!  

If you are at all concerned about any of the products being used during your services, please address these concerns with your Spa professional prior to booking your services.  Of course, your health care provider should always be consulted for specific questions regarding any health conditions or concerns.

I have allergies and sensitivities to various things? Can I still have Spa services?
Just as in pregnancy, a thorough health questionnaire will be filled out so that your Spa professional has a clear understanding of your concerns.  Depending on the service you are receiving, products for sensitive skin, including rosacea, are available.  A discussion with your Spa professional, prior to beginning your service, will allow you to discuss your concerns thoroughly and ensure a relaxing, safe experience.
What is the difference between a Brazilian and an Egyptian wax?
A Brazilian leaves a little bit in front - an Egyptian removes all unwanted hair.  
How do I choose which facial to have?
Take the stress out of having to decide which facial is right for you.  At Matisse, we will book a block of time for you and, in consultation with your Spa professional, the appropriate facial will be delivered.
Is massage covered by my extended medical insurance?
At Matisse Day Spa, we do not currently employ Registered Massage Therapists (RMT). Only massage delivered by an RMT is eligible for reimbursement.
Can I bring my children to the Spa?
Children are welcome at Matisse Day Spa.  They may have services with you or they may sit quietly in the sitting area, perhaps reading or colouring while you have your services.  
Can I bring my friends and family to Matisse? Can we all have services at the same time?
YES, YES, YES!  Matisse Day Spa can accommodate up to four people having manicures and four people having pedicures at the same time.  A party as large as eight people can be accommodated with each group of four switching service stations accordingly.

Matisse Day Spa also has a treatment room for couples, friends and family to enjoy their services together.  Book your facial, massage or body treatment in our coupleīs treatment room and enjoy some quality time together.  

What is your cancellation policy?
Similar to a fine hotel, spa rooms are booked especially for you.  Please provide 24-hours cancellation notice if you are unable to keep your appointment.  A 50% fee may be charged if insufficient notice is given for a cancellation.  A 100% cancellation fee may be charged (via credit card or gift card deduction) for no-shows.
Are gratuities included in the service prices?
Gratuities are not included in our service prices and may be given as personal appreciation of our service to you.  A general guideline for spa gratuities follows other service-related experiences, such as restaurants.  Give as much or as little as you wish, depending on the excellent service you received from your Spa professional.
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